• Unlimited projects

    Each workspace can host and manage an unlimited number of projects. Each project has a Mercurial repository for source code, and another for the project wiki.

  • Unlimited users

    Each workspace can manage an unlimited number of users.

  • Coming soon

    Unlimited teams

    Workspace administrators can group users into teams, and freely assign teams to projects in the workspace.

  • 1GiB storage

    Each workspace is allocated 1GiB of storage shared between all the projects in the workspace. Additional storage is available at a small additional cost.

  • Finely tuned permissions

    Access controls are applied to workspaces, projects, teams, and individual Mercurial repositories. Permissions are assigned to teams, and apply to the users and projects assigned to each team.

  • Simple pricing

    No complex plan comparisons here! A simple flat rate per workspace, with additional storage being the only additional cost.

  • Friendly support

    We’re developers and die-hard Mercurial users ourselves. We’re really friendly.

  • Your workspace, your data

    No lock-in! You will always be able to easily backup or export your data at no cost.

More features planned...

  • Project wikis

    Every project needs a wiki! Our wiki implementation will be fully version controlled using Mercurial, and will support offline editing.

  • Bug tracking

    Every project also needs an issue tracker! Our bug tracker will integrate with the source repository and wiki.

  • Easy imports

    We'll make it easy to migrate your projects from other hosting providers.

  • Integrations & API

    We plan to add integrations with other services and publish a REST API so you can build custom solutions around our services.