About Us

Meet Cinnabar's Core Team

Photo of Jarvis
Jarvis' first computer was a ZX81. He's a keen musician currently learning trumpet and rediscovering jazz.
Photo of Joel
Joel is a physics nerd; loves the outdoors, including bushwalking & rockclimbing; and wants to get better at playing blues piano.

Why We Built Cinnabar

We love working with Mercurial and we were bitterly disappointed when Atlassian announced they were dropping support for Mercurial from BitBucket. We couldn't find an alternative that met all our requirements, ‘felt right’, and ‘scratched our itch’, so we started building our own.

We hope you'll find it useful, too!

Why ‘Cinnabar’?

SIN-A-BAR | ˈsɪnəbɑː |

Cinnabar is the most commonly used ore of mercury. It occurs in a range of brilliant red hues, and was historically the basis of scarlet vermilion and other red pigments.

Our logo features the Cinnabar moth, named for the brilliant red hues it shares with its namesake ore. The Cinnabar moth is found from Europe to Central Asia.

Cinnabar - it's where you find Mercurial! 😃